An invitation to collaborate

India has a beautiful Right to Information Law

India’s Right to Information Act (2005) is a beautiful Transparency law in keeping with honesty, equity and respect in government life. Including concrete administrative issues, at KEPF we look at the implications of this law from psychological, spiritual and social perspectives.

Bihar aspires to a unique place in the worldwide movement toward Right to Information

In 2012, the Bihar State Government hosted an international conference on Right to Information with Information Commissioners from many States in India and Abroad. The wave of new Right to Information law around the world represents a fundamental reordering of the relation between citizen and state. Some leaders aspire for Bihar to be a unique examples and have made innovations in RTI implementation.

The true condition of Right to Information Act implementation in Bihar is unknown.

Anecdotal information suggests that citizens’ success with applying their Right to Information in Bihar is variable.

KEPF aspires to accomplish detailed holistic research on the condition of Right to Information experience in Bihar and Gaya District

At KEPF we are interested in the psychological experience of Public Information Officers and Information Seekers and the ripple cause and effect of that experience, among Government administrators in general and among the public, both male and female, rural and urban, as well. We also propose to gather quantifiable information about the efficiency of RTI implementation.

KEPF has joined with a Committee for Solutions to Problems in Right to Information Act (2005) Implementation in Gaya District (Magadh University) to seek persons and students to accomplish this research:

  1. A team of Investigators who will sympathetically interview Public Information Officers in Gaya district about their experience, individually and systemically with RTI, their knowledge of and about RTI
  2. Female and Male Social Science Ph.D. candidates who desire to do Ph.D. qualifying research on the RTI awareness and experience of rural and urban men and women in Gaya District. Female researchers will primarily interview females and male researchers primarily interview males
  3. A teacher or teachers who desire to research the awareness, knowledge and experience about RTI among school children and their teachers

For more about the Committee, click here.