Gaya P.I.O. Investigation Team

Mature adults and students who are interested in receiving education about Right to Information, Analysis of Organizational Training Needs (TNA) and communication and interviewing skills are invited to form a team to interview the Public Information Officers of Gaya District, to find out what they know, think and feel about the Right to Information Act. The team will attempt to form an impartial impression of Gaya District administrative culture, in State and Central Government and in publicly funded organizations and to make an assessment of the difficulties in implementation the Right to Information Act. Their findings will be used to prepare seminars for Public Information Officers to inform and gain input from P.I.O.s. It is possible that sincere P.I.O.s may relish communication with each other and form informal or formal P.I.O. associations to solve P.I.O. difficulties.

It is intended that this program will provide valuable support to the development of career and social skills of the participants and contribute to achieving their life goals. These goals may include being efficient public administrators or organizational consultants, education, law, social or political work, etc.

This project will be implemented as the outcome of several individuals who respect each other and enjoy working with each other. With the right dedication and "chemistry", this project could lead the participants to bigger and better things.

Part of the training will be provided by the Bihar Institute of Public Administration and Rural Development (B.I.P.A.R.D.), which is experienced in giving training to senior government administrators. More information is available elsewhere on the KEPF site.

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