Committee for Solutions to Problems in the Implementation of the Right to Information Act (2005) in Gaya District

Membership of the Committee


To assess the difficulties faced by Public Information Officers in providing information and their overall level and quality of awareness about Right to Information.

To provide social support and education to Public Information Officers in Gaya District

To develop recommendations for State Officials and others to improve the quality and efficiency of Right to Information implementation in the context of the quality and efficiency of Government overall

Other Organizations

The Bihar Institute for Public Administration and Rural Development (BIPARD) will conduct the training of the Investigators and play and active role in the seminar for Public Information Officers. Collaboration may include other organizations.


Training of Investigators

The details of the training modules will be decided in consultation with the Investigators and BIPARD.

Aims of Training

Scope of Program

May include research into the awareness, knowledge and experience about Right to Information among rural and urban men, women and children in Gaya District

Source of Volunteer Investigators

The Committee will solicit interest among the students of Magadh University. Members of the committee individually will invite older adults and institutionally non affiliated individuals to participate as investigators. Approval for participation will be made by the Committee and representatives of BIPARD.

Right to Information