Application for Ph.D. Research into RTI Awareness

Please email questions and statements of interest to David Kohlberg.

We are not a large bureaucracy and applications may be made informally, as follows. We will facilitate your registration process with Magadh University, who will be the credentialing authority.
During the application process, a full life narrative will be required, including family and scholastic background, influential events and relations. Include important personal insights and aspirations that have come to you during your life. In what circumstances did they come?
What are your current life aspirations, as you see or know them now?
Sincerity and honesty will be much more useful to you than writing what you think we want to read or trying to impress. Feel free to express any doubts or uncertainties. An honest reflection on your strengths and weaknesses, as a human being and as a scholar and researcher will be much appreciated.
In science, a hundred errors acknowledged are better than one that is hidden or covered up.
Our ideal scenario is to find 4 qualified researchers, 2 males and 2 females, to research in different sectors of the populations, but collaborate in discussing the methods and results.


David Kohlberg

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