KEPF Building Philosophy

Buildings, Food and Clothing are fundamental to every human culture that has been and they reflect a culture's values, aesthetics and talents. KEPF seeks to express and promote material culture that is consistent with its broader aim and perspective.

In its local context, KEPF seeks to combine mechanical ingenuity and the corrective with local materials and insights from traditional practices. KEPF holds an "environmentalist" ethos and an awareness of the importance of electromagnetic fields on human consciousness and health. [It is the personal experience of the founder that various metal combinations can, by their proximity, influence wellbeing. He is interested in discovering whether this has any relation to the traditional Chinese concept of "metal" as one of five elements. Ancient cultures, in China and South and Central America developed complex civilizations and material culture, while using metals primarily for ceremonial and decorative purposes, rather than for weapons and tools. These cultures must have had a different attitude and relation metals then cultures dependent on metal weapons and tools.

KEPF promotes a scientific attitude toward the various concepts of "elements" that various cultures have used, but recognizes that this requires faculties of perception and/or sensor technologies that are not recognized by current mainstream Scientific culture. This is quite different from jumbling together traditional concepts and Scientific jargon, without having a direct experiential reference for either.

On KEPF's land, experimental buildings have been made of traditional techniques using earth, wood, bamboo and grass.

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